The Flat Bench Cable Fly targets your chest using the fly motion.
It's similar to a cable crossover. The difference is this exercise allows you to support your back on the bench.

Muscle group: Chest


Place a bench between 2 cable machines. Position the bench so that when you lie on it, your shoulders are in line with the pulleys of the cable machine. Grab one handle in each hand then sit on the edge of the bench. Slowly lean back to get yourself into the starting position.

Your arms should be out to your sides with your elbows pointing down towards the ground. You should have a slight bend in your elbows.

Slowly lift handles up above your chest. Don't bend your elbows or straighten your elbows as you lift the handles. Continue until your hands are directly above your shoulders. Hold this position for a moment.

Next, lower the handles down to your starting position.


Start on a low weight then work your way up. This exercise is intense and could cause shoulder injuries if you aren't careful.

As always, remember to breathe while you're doing the flat bench cable fly.

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