The dumbbell fly targets your pectorals with far more focus than the standard dumbbell bench press.
You're keeping your arms relatively straight throughout the exercise so you wont use your triceps as much. It also focuses more on the inner part of your pecs.

Muscle group: Chest


Lie on a flat bench with your arms out to your sides. Your elbows should be pointing down to the ground and your palms up to the ceiling. You should hold the dumbbells at roughly the height of your shoulders.

Focus on using your chest to bring your arms up until the dumbbells are directly above your chest. Your biceps and triceps should just be stabilizing your arms. You shouldn't be using them for any of the lifting.

In the top position your elbows should be facing outwards and your palms facing inwards towards each other.

Hold the dumbbells briefly at the top then slowly lower them. Again, focus on using your chest to control the downwards motion.


This is a very focused and targeted exercise. Concentrate on using your chest to drive the majority of the dumbbell fly.

As usual, remember to breathe comfortably. Don't hold your breath.

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