A better way to track your workouts

Online personal trainer

Gymwolf has certified personal trainers that provide you with customised workout plans depending on your goals. Our trainers track your progress, coach and motivate you daily through our web and smartphone app.


Gymwolf is a workout tracking tool. Add workouts, create your own customized workout plans or find suitable plan from other users. Accomplish your goals with motivation from personal trainer and committed training.

See your progress

Gymwolf provides different graphs that help you track your progress. There are graphs for gym workouts, cardio workouts and bodyweight. The graphs are highly customizable: you can select the date range, exercise and group the results by month, week or single workout.

Database with 300+ exercises

Gymwolf has a database with over 300 exercises. The exercises come with detailed descriptions, tips and step-by-step images. If you don't find a exercise from our database, then you can also add your own exercises.