The jump rope can be a great cardio exercise if you know how to jump rope properly. Not only does jumping rope help you burn a ton of calories and improve your speed and quickness, it’s also cheap and you can do it just about anywhere.

Muscle group: Combined


1. Jump on the Balls of your feet - Try to softly jump up and down on the balls on your feet. Your heels should never touch the ground, which is one reason why jumping rope is a serious calves workout!

2. Don’t Jump too High - Keep your jumps as small as possible without tying up the jump rope.

3. Don’t Swing your Arms/Shoulders too Much - Jumping rope is all in the wrists

4. Use the Correct Rope Length - If you bisect the jump rope by putting it under your feet, the handles should reach your sternum.

5. Hands Slightly Above Waistline

6. Get in a Rhythm

7. Practice

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