The sumo deadlift high pull (SDLHP) is an explosive compound movement that develops tremendous power in the posterior chain. It primarily strengthens the hamstrings, glutes, lower back and upper traps. The SDLHP is a great assistance exercise to improve your pull during the clean, along with full-body co-ordination and explosive power.

Muscle group: Combined


1. Begin with your feet in a wide "sumo" stance with your toes pointed out at about a 30 degree angle
2. Your hands should take a narrow grip on the bar, inside your legs
3. The bar should start at rest on the ground, touching your shins
4. Arch your back and keep it tight throughout the movement
5. Keep your chest up and facing forward
6. Keep your weight on your heels
7. Your shoulders should be slightly ahead of the bar
8. Generate peak tension throughout your body before you start to pull
9. There should be no slack in your arms and you should not jerk the bar off the ground

10. At the top of the deadlift, perform a powerful shrug with straight arms
11. This will generate momentum on the bar

12. Your arms should remain straight until after the shrug
13. Your arms finish the movement by pulling the bar up to your chin
14. The transition between the deadlift, shrug, and pull should be seamless
15. Your elbows should be high at the top of the pull

16. To return the bar to the ground, release your arms, bend your knees and keep your chest high and facing forward

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