The Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up is an excellent functional strength exercise that will see you raise yourself from a horizontal to vertical position whilst suspending a kettlebell overhead.

The exercise primarily works the core body and abdominals but engages multiple muscle groups in unison, as it calls into play the quads, calves and shoulders too.

Muscle group: Combined


1. Begin the Turkish Get-up by lying on your back and floor pressing a kettlebell to the top position. Keep the kettlebell locked out at all times.
2. Bring your right leg in towards the body and pivot to the left.
3. Roll onto your left triceps and continue rolling until your hand touches the floor.
4. Using your left hand and right leg, drive forward to raise yourself from the floor. Continue this motion and bring your left leg in and take your right leg forward until you are in the bottom position of a lunge.
5. Hold yourself in this position for a second and then stand up with the kettlebell still raised in the lockout position above you.
6. Complete the repetition by reversing the movement back down to the starting position.

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