The internal rotation exercise targets the small rotator cuff muscles of your shoulder.

Muscle group: Shoulder


Sit with your legs flat on the floor next to a cable pulley machine. The handle of the cable should be in line with your waist and about an arm-length away. Grab the cable handle and pull it in towards your body and put your elbow by your side.

Start with your arm out to your side then slowly rotate your shoulder to bring your forearm across your abs. Hold this for a second then return to the starting position.

Finish a set of reps then switch arms.


This exercise doesn't need to be heavy to be effective. In fact, going with a weight that's too heavy can force the larger mucles of your shoulders to take over from the rotator cuffs, making this exercise ineffective.

Putting a rolled up towel under your armpit can make this exercise more comfortable and effective.

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