The barbell squat is one of the main power exercises, used for building muscle mass and strength in the quads.

Muscle group: Legs


Unless you're doing squats with a very low weight, we recommend using a squat rack to help you with this exercise. Start by setting up your desired weight with the bar on the squat rack. Position the bar so that it's rest on your trapezius, then lift it off the squat rack.

Keep your head looking slightly upwards. Now bend your knees and push back your hips. Keep your back straight as your lower your body. Continue until your quads are parallel with the ground. Hold the lower position for a moment, then raise your body back up again.

A rep is finished when you're standing up straight again.


Keep your head looking slightly upwards. This will help prevent you from arching your back.

Keep your abs tight to take pressure off your back.

Before you start using a heavy weight, make sure your back is strong enough to handle the pressure. Perform dead lifts and supermans.

If you feel pain in your back after doing squats, stop doing them immediately. After your back has recovered, use a lower weight.

Remember to breathe.

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