Upper Body

renan, February 7, 12:52

Back, Chest, Shoulder

Treino Upper - Segunda e Quinta

Chest and triceps

TheBrain, April 8, 19:02

Chest, Triceps

Regular Startup Plan

Scott Sigerfoos , January 16, 03:50

Abdominal, Biceps, Chest, Legs, Shoulder

AWB first months

Andres W, January 6, 12:13

Back, Chest, Legs

This is a complete body workout for people that want to go 3 times a week to the gym and targets a general but complete workout of the body to improve in short time the performance.

Split A

Ryan Geraghty, January 12, 22:12

Back, Biceps, Chest, Triceps

This workout is done on Monday and Thursday of weeks 1 - 3.

Kava edasijõudnutele, päev 1/4: Rind ja Biitseps

Indrek Ulst, January 19, 10:01

Abdominal, Biceps, Chest

Nädala esimene trenn, teeme rinda ja biitsepsit. Rinna teist ja kolmandat harjutust ning biitsepsi harjutusi võib aeg-ajalt vahetada, et asi liiga üksluiseks ei läheks.

Bill Starr 5x5 - Madcow Intermediate or Linear Version 2/3

Indrek, January 19, 14:43

Abdominal, Back, Legs, Shoulder


Split B

Ryan Geraghty, January 12, 22:16

Back, Shoulder

This workout is to be done on Tuesday and Friday of weeks 1 - 3.

Bill Starr 5x5 - Madcow Intermediate or Linear Version 3/3

Indrek, January 19, 14:45

Biceps, Chest, Combined, Legs, Triceps


Split C

Ryan Geraghty, January 12, 22:24

Back, Legs

This workout is to be done on Wednesday and Sunday of weeks 1 - 3.

Beginner Workout

Mark Edwards, January 2, 14:03

Abdominal, Back, Biceps, Chest, Legs, Shoulder, Triceps

Muscle & Fitness - 3 x week

Stronglift 5x5 B

Gert Roost, March 19, 09:06

Back, Legs, Shoulder

Bill Starr 5x5 - Madcow Intermediate or Linear Version 1/3

Indrek, January 19, 14:41

Abdominal, Combined, Legs

http://madcow.hostzi.com/5x5_Program/Linear_5x5.htm Row asemel on Power Clean


Matti Linna, June 13, 18:56

Abdominal, Legs

Biceps and Shoulders

Matti Linna, June 7, 19:24

Abdominal, Biceps, Shoulder

Stronglift 5x5 A

Gert Roost, March 19, 09:04

Back, Chest, Legs

Arnold's Golden Six

Karu, November 13, 11:12

Abdominal, Biceps, Chest, Legs, Shoulder

3x Weekly

Une Entite Inconnue, February 5, 12:18

Abdominal, Back, Chest, Legs, Shoulder, Triceps

Whole body and Cardio 3x Weekly Warmup: 30min Cycle Cooldown: 15min Cycle

Legs & Abs

Craig Boldy, July 26, 11:35

Abdominal, Legs

Legs and Abs

Stronglifts 5x5 - B

Kevin, June 22, 18:40

Back, Chest, Legs

Stronglifts 5x5 - A

Kevin, June 22, 18:38

Back, Chest, Legs

Schwarzenegger, 2&5

Jone, April 25, 14:07

Abdominal, Back, Biceps, Combined, Shoulder, Triceps

Shoulders and Arms

Back & Triceps

Matti Linna, June 28, 12:42

Abdominal, Back, Biceps

Kava edasijõudnutele, päev 2/4: Jalg

Indrek Ulst, March 4, 13:00

Abdominal, Legs

Teine päev keskendume jalgadele

Massitsükkel - Rind, kõht

karl viiol, May 27, 12:13


Thursday: Butt & Calves

Jaycee, October 14, 03:14

Back, Legs

Glutes Kick Backs = 2 sets/Leg

Sleeve Buster

Ivan Arnold, November 10, 13:52

Biceps, Combined, Triceps

Noel Siegel's big arms workout from bodybuilder.com. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/get-big-arms-noah-siegals-sleeve-busting-workout.html

beginner workout

nick, November 24, 12:07

Back, Biceps, Chest, Legs, Triceps


Steve Hardy, February 22, 19:04

Back, Biceps, Chest, Legs, Shoulder, Triceps

3 sets each , change reps every 2 wks for 8 weeks and repeat wk1&2 = 10-12reps , wk 2&3 = 4-6 reps, wk 4&6 = 15-20 reps , wk 7&8 = 8-10 reps ADVANCED = lower rest time between each rep every week - like so - wk1 = 3min, wk2 = 2min, wk3 = 1.45min, wk4 = 1.30min , wk5 = 1.15min, wk6 = 1min, wk7 = 45sec, wk8 = 30sec. then repeat.

Leg day mk1

Tero Känsäkangas, August 3, 12:57


Massitsükkel - jalad

karl viiol, June 9, 09:09


Massitsükkel Õlg ja triitseps

karl viiol, June 8, 16:28

Shoulder, Triceps

Massitsükkel - biitseps, kõht

karl viiol, June 3, 13:18

Abdominal, Biceps

Massitsükkel - selg

karl viiol, May 28, 08:36


2 - Legs - Wednesday

Kondor, March 29, 11:43


Dumbbell weight for each dumbbell Barbell weight not included Dumbbell Lunges: 9 reps for each leg. Objective: Strength and mass. If you do not fail the last rep of the last set of each exercise, add weight in the next week's workout. If you fail, repeat without adding weight in the next week's workout.

5x5 B

Vincenzo, November 26, 11:32

Back, Biceps, Chest, Legs, Shoulder

Stronglifts 5x5 B


d, January 19, 15:02

Biceps, Chest

Abs and Arms

1. ülakeha

Katarin Mägi, January 12, 07:37

Back, Biceps, Chest, Shoulder, Triceps

Chest . Biceps

ali, June 6, 13:02

Biceps, Chest



Kunnar Kangro, May 17, 12:49

Chest, Shoulder, Triceps